Our Philosophy & Story

Our food idea never changed, it just broadened.

We went from finding good ingredients for you to use at home… to actually blending them together as we expanded into a restaurant three years ago. As you would do at home for your family, we also constantly search for better ingredients and… contrary to any business teaching, choose to leave more value in your plate than in our pockets. Now we are working on producing internally most of our food, including all of the bread and pastries. Above all, we are maniacal about details. From the level of the light to the music we play, the oil and vinegar on the tables, we spare no expense and
really strive to offer our clients the best. Then, in order to make sure you are treated like kings, we treat our staff like princes. They work hard and we make sure they are rewarded for it. From proper teaching to financial and moral support when they need it most, we believe they are our biggest responsibility and are happy to see them grow and build on more and more character and food knowledge.

The idea of an Italian food shop in Bucharest was born in

The idea of an Italian food shop in Bucharest was born in 2006, when Giulio and Giacomo convinced each other with a business plan written on the back of an envelope during a food fair in Italy that there was a great future for quality cuisine in Bucharest. In 2007, Giulio moved to Bucharest and one year later opened the first shop on Tudor Stefan, the street parallel to our location now.

Giacomo has always been a remote support while outsourcing suppliers from Italy and later from Singapore. The company was born on the ashes of a previous idea of Nicola, who eventually left his spot as a partner to Nanni, one of Giulio’s longtime friends.

Nanni's decision to move to Romania in the summer of 2012 sealed GRANO’s path to what it is today.

The Team

A great characteristic of the GRANO family is that we all pitch in to
do a bit of everything.

You'll see the waiters slicing meat and helping guests in the shop between taking care of their tables. On top of that, Nico and Liza, two sisters who have been here as long as we can remember, make all of our sweets. Steluta and Elena open the shop early every morning to bake our fresh homemade breads. Behind the stove everyday are Andrei and Sorin, two Romanian Chefs who learned about Italian cooking right here at GRANO. We hope the guests don't notice there isn't actually a team of Italian nonnas cooking back there.

Giulio da Sacco

Giulio worked in insurance for 13 years before joining his family’s vineyard for one and a half years. Working in the countryside, he understood that food
was going to be his future. Knowing Romania as a reinsurer since 2001 and with the inspiration of a local friend, he decided an Italian fine food shop was what Bucharest was lacking. He then took it one step further after about three years, when GRANO started to make pasta, delicious soups and ready-made food for catering and to take away. Now he is finally happy to have brought to life the whole picture in his head after the transformation last year into a full-fledged restaurant.

“I like to treat clients like an Italian man treats a lady”, he says, and you see it from the way your coat is taken at the entrance, to the last bit of tiramisu.

Nanni Carlotti

Nanni, one of Giulio’s oldest friends from Verona, moved to Bucharest in 2012, after a poker bet, in a complete leap of faith that fully changed his life. Funnily enough,
he also worked in insurance for about 17 years… which makes GRANO quite a well insured place as you may imagine.

Nanni is behind every decision on where to place each product in GRANO and is our expert on wines.

He also was the running (hand) engine behind our fresh bread operation in the initial months. What makes him happiest in GRANO is that, as a passionate cook and master bread maker himself, he now has the opportunity to cater to a larger group of old and new friends than in the old days of cooking at home.

Giacomo Galtarossa

Giacomo has been instrumental to GRANO’s early development, such as his “Imparare costa” when fear of failure hit – “Learning has a cost”.

A seasoned businessman despite his age, he has been a great sounding board for Giulio and Nanni. Giacomo currently lives in Singapore with his Venezuelan wife and four children.


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